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This guys' look is a little menacing. I've hang around pool halls before and they are usually harmless.

The coin in the ear: I remember my grandpa pulled one right out of my ear in one of his magic tricks.


Haha, a lot of old men here put coins in their ears too. I suppose it could be their way of "saving" because there's this superstition that says that bad luck will befall those who do not appreciate the value of pennies.


i must admit that i participated in this unusual habit during my childhood, but stopped when i started to learn about grooming and hygiene=) yup, i spend my childhood days playing on the street, too =) it would be the 80's, and during that time, a quarter or 50 centavos still has some value, and it's always nice to have some change handy. but to see it now i don't understand the reason anymore, as i know that coin in the guys ear won't even buy him a stick of cigarette. and i can't imagine it being one peso, because the last time i checked, our 1 peso coin is quite big. or has it recently changed? well, he has quite big ears, so maybe it works for him =)

oh, and did anyone noticed the background subject. the guy is handling a cuestick, but it seems too thin for a billiard cuestick, so i'm presuming he's playing the filipino version of "pool", where flat round puck-like objects are being played instead of sphere in billiards (or pool in europe, hehe!). am i right sidney?


maye the coin is his lucky money. and keep it separate?:-)) just guess. great snap shot:-)


Unusual habit of us Pinoys. We place things on some of our body parts - and yes as others think - like a purse or place holder. I used to use my ears during the old days for placing my ballpen or pencil. But for a coin? No.

Just a trivia: regarding usage of coin, during my High School years, I usually see the security guard of our school use two 1 peso coins to pick at his hair stubbles below his chin. Funny, he could have used a tweezer to do the task, but I guess he doesn't have the tool at that time.


A disquieting picture. Two sides, as the moon.The left side is surprised. The right side question and thinks.Good shot.


Nice portrait and curious place to wear a coin.

Thanks! :)

S. Crypt

Hello Sidney,

Those kind of things normally are just "habits" by a lot of Filipinos -- when they work, or just plainly sometimes when they want to just do nothing with a coin. So far I don't know of any significance with this. But they do that often(placing a coin in their ear).

As for your post regarding the Spratly Islands -- I think the area is international water... maybe that's why they don't mind some people taking photos of their places. I think they're more sensitive to other nationals actually "boarding" their islands, or fishing in their "territorial" area from the island of a few miles or so. I'm just not sure.

Thanks for visiting my website! See you again later.

S. Crypt


yes, the ear as a purse. oddly, it's generally a man thing done for "easier retrieval". this usually happens when the guy gets a coin change after buying a cigarette (if he buys two, chances are he smokes the first, the second he puts behind his ear).


Whoa that guy looks pretty tough Sidney! Funny story from Pinoy Guest =) Hearing about other cultures is so wonderful!

Pinoy Guest

This photo of yours made me laughed and reminded me of my funny experience about putting coin in ear. There's no meaning behind it but pinoys are just used to putting coin in their ear because it's easier to keep it right after you get changed especially when someone is in a hurry. Back to my experience, I was in college, very finnese in manners, wearing college uniform, perhaps also looking quite attractive with my typical "koliyehala" outfit. I was sitting in the jeepney on my way to school, I felt so beautiful that day becuase I noticed many people staring at me, and most often I noticed with second look. I said to myself, hmm I must be so pretty today. Before entering to the classroom, as I always do, going first to the ladies room to look on the mirror to make sure I'm well groomed. Ohh my GOODNESS!to my surprised, I laughed a lot to myself when I saw 1 peso kept in my ear which I forgot to remove before going to school. That was one of my most shameful experience haha!


Very strange. Please investigate and tell us what does it mean!


Certainly unusual. Maybe its a cure for earache?

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